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Başaranlar: The past, today and tomorrow In this respect, we should start talking    with Konya, where the roots of the family lie... Because, Başaranlar is similar     with Konya which is one of the oldest place in Anatolia, the place that Başaranlar born. Konya which stands still through Rome, Byzantium, Seljuks and Ottomans, has been a focus for politics, trade and morale values.
 Başaranlar, the 700-year-old family of Konya which always place its power ‘‘quietly’’, in the other hand, has been acting same as the city in the key processes of the city and even so country. Today’s Başaranlar Mühendislik had the primary purpose of fulfilling the needs of local region, when it was established by Electrical Engineer Ali Kemal Başaran and Electrical Engineer Osman Başaran at 1975.

Building Automation, Security & Control Systems and Energy Delivery & Tracking Systems are added to two main branches which are Switch & Energy Distribution and Lighting Systems, when the third generation of 44- year- old Başaranlar Mühendislik are assigned to the job at 2000s. At the same time, company also continues to assemble and sale of Busbar Systems and Cable Tray Systems which are the best performances of company, with its 30 year Partner EAE.

By now, Başaranlar Mühendislik turns its face to abroad by the motivation of past experiences of 3rd generation in multinational companies, in addition to young generation’s high quality academic educations.

Başaranlar Mühendislik, which serves with over hundreds of technical staf, has taken place in fair and congress group, hotels, hospitals, shopping malls and high quality housing projects in different regions of Turkey.

Başaranlar Mühendislik, which produce solution and business with principle of ‘‘smooth energy’’, not only in Turkey, but also aims to become one of the world’s leading country over the next 30 years with the strength from thousans of years of soil, belief in hundreds of years of history, all facilities of modern technology and brave but determined management.
Başaranlar Mühendislik is ready to move on to the business cooperation together with its infrastructure, work force and confidence in know-how.

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